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Introducing Gene Guard Probiotics

GeneGuard is an innovative early-stage biotech startup at the forefront of developing a new class of transformative therapeutics - Living Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs). With a solid foundation built on advanced research in microbiology, microbiome and genetic engineering, we leverage, harness and unlock the power of recombinant technologies to develop next-generation probiotics designed to address unmet medical needs. Our team is driven to translate the therapeutic potential of LBPs to address unmet chronic and infectious disease needs for humans and animals. Probiotics, with a rich history grounded in traditional use and refined by contemporary scientific research, represent a safe and multifaceted biotechnological solution for a broad range of health challenges.

Pioneering Next-Generation Probiotics to Transform Healthcare

Our Vision

We aspire to utilise the untapped potential of probiotics to expand the treatment options that include innovative, effective, and safer cost-effective LBP biotherapeutics worldwide.

Our Mission

To revolutionise personal healthcare through cutting-edge recombinant probiotic LBP therapies, offering new approaches and methodologies in the fight against chronic and infectious diseases.

Our Team

Our team includes internationally recognized researchers, microbiologists, bioinformatics data scientists, and successful entrepreneurs. Our team of scientists and proven business people has deep expertise in biotechnology, scientific discovery, and proven entrepreneurial successes. United by a shared vision, our team is committed to pioneering research and innovation in the realm of therapeutic probiotics.

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