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Our Sciences

​With our state-of-the-art patented probiotics genome editing technologies, our technology centres on the development of Living Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs) - a new class of treatments derived from living organisms, specifically engineered probiotics. Our LBPs are meticulously designed to align with the body's natural systems, offering a new realm of highly targeted, effective and precise therapies for various diseases.

LBP Features

Antibiotics resistance free safe well-studied organisms

Provide stable expression of Bioactive Molecules

Have built-in Biocontainment Features

Provide extra probiotic health benefits

Safe and Well-tolerated

Allow Versatile Design

Have low production cost

How does it work?

Our technology is powered by the Nobel-winning CRISPR genetic engineering system which allows efficient targeted modification of the LBP genome. At GeneGuard, we harness the power of CRISPR and the safety of probiotic microbes to drive innovation and precision in our development of Living Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs) targeted for specific disease conditions.


Tailored modification of probiotics, targeting and acting upon specific metabolic pathways involved in human and animal health and diseases.


Enhanced specificity and effectiveness, ensuring they work harmoniously with the body’s natural systems.


Accelerated research processes, allowing us to bring innovative therapies to market quickly and safely.

In essence, LBPs represent transformational technology empowering us to create new possibilities in delivering novel treatments for diseases and conditions.

The Potentials

Utilising CRISPR plus known safe probiotic organisms, we are paving the way for revolutionary treatments by creating novel effective LBPs. Gene-Guard technology enables:

Understanding CRISPR

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