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Target/Strain Selection

Data-Driven Approach

We identify specific targets or select strains with the highest potential for therapeutic efficacy and compatibility with human microbiomes utilising our comprehensive data bank of probiotic genomes and human microbiomes.

Collaborative Effort

Our bioinformatics team collaborates closely with scientists to ensure the chosen targets/strains are optimally suited for therapeutic purposes.


Engineer the Probiotics

Design and Development

With CRISPR and other genetic tools, we modify the selected probiotics at a genetic level to enhance their therapeutic properties.

Precision and Customization

Every modification is precisely formulated to achieve specific therapeutic goals, such as targeting a particular disease pathway or enhancing the probiotic’s resilience and efficacy.


Efficacy and Safety Control

Rigorous Testing

This crucial phase involves extensive testing for both efficacy and safety. Our products undergo rigorous evaluation in controlled environments to assess their therapeutic potential and ensure they are safe for human use.

Continuous Improvement

Test results will be fed back into our platform, allowing for continuous optimization and refinement of our probiotics.


Large Scale Production

Scaling Up

The probiotics will be produced under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) guidelines to ensure the highest quality and consistency in production.

Quality Assurance

We adhere to stringent quality control standards, ensuring that recombinant/next-generation probiotics meet our high expectations for safety and effectiveness.

Our Platform

Our platform is uniquely designed and pivotal to streamline the development of recombinant/next-generation probiotics. ​It integrates cutting-edge CRISPR-driven genetic engineering, microbiome data, and advanced bioinformatics, allowing us to quickly create, analyse, and optimise recombinant probiotics with unprecedented precision. Using information from data banks of probiotics genomes and human gut microbiomes employ data-driven microbial-genetic engineering design methodologies. Our bioinformatics/data science and genome engineering team have a proven track record in the design, construction and testing of next-generation recombinant LBP that work with the human gut microbiome.

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